Community Outreach

The BLB Steering Committee recognizes the need for community support. Consequently, we have hosted a number of community outreach meeting to educate the residents about our goals, and to solicit inputs and comments on our approach.

To reach out, we have distributed flyers to residents along Paseo Lunado and within 300 feet of the Pilot Project.

In addition, we have hosted information booths at community events, such as the PVE Earth Day Celebration and the LBHOA Harvest Festival, where flyers were also handed out.

City Collaboration

The project was presented to the Parklands Committee on September 10, 2015, which thanked Bill Ailor and his team for a well thought out plan that would greatly enhance the city.

That approval opened the door to an application to the City, which was formally proposed at the September 22, 2015 City Council Meeting. At that meeting, the City Council also lauded the team and voted to approve inclusion of BLB in the city’s parklands planning. You can see the original plan provided to the City Council here (this version has been superseded; see next paragraph).

Since the presentation to the City Council, your BLB Steering Committee has been working with the Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy (PVPLC) to leverage their experience in hillside restoration. In addition, we have used their experts to generate a draft of the BLB Project Plan. To see the current version, click here.